Ryno & Juli Wedding


Ryno & Juli | Married| Die Eike Rawsonville


I met Juli and Ryno for the first time on their e-shoot. We had such an awesome time during their session.

We had their wedding discussion afterwards and it was great spending the morning with them getting to know them so much better.I soon found that Juli and Ryno are completely in love with FUN, FUN and more FUN.

Their personalities reflects warmth, emotion, excitement and loads of adventure.

Juli got dressed at her parents’ house where she grew up in Rawsonville, and how lovely it was to be photographing her in an environment which is home to her, where she can be her complete self.

The wind tortured us, but luckily Die Eike Venue offered a secure option for photos as it is covered with trees which had great protection against the gale-force winds.

I found most bridal couples would point out that putting the guest list together can be a tricky thing…who do you include and who do you have to leave out, because there is just noooo way we can invite as we desire.

I thought really hard about this one, and if I ever had to remarry my husband, I will invite only those who really would pray, and keep me accountable in my marriage towards God and my partner….People who would pray when it’s not going as well as it should, people who I can go to for advice and assistance who I can value as mentors in my married life. People who will fight with me to safe my marriage if it is in trouble whether it is through prayer, support, and keeping accountable.

I came to the realisation that my Guest list might just shrink dramatically! But those are the people who will witness and who will stay through the toughest of times.


Juli and Ryno, thank you for the privilege to be part of your gorgeous wedding day, may you have a lot of people with you who pray for you, keep you accountable towards each other, who you can go to for mentorship and support. May all the resources be available to you through your marriage…Not only so that you may have a happy marriage, but that you may glorify God through your marriage, as marriage is a God given gift to us.


MAU- Candice Harker Rode

Second Shooter: Myrrh Photography Marizanne Mc Gregor

Flowers: Carine Coetzee

Dress: Bridal Aisle

Venue: Die Eike Rawsonville

Videographer: Aletta Francina



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