Marius & Lize-Mari

Belair Pavilion Paarl | Wedding

I met this couple on a meeting destined to be. Planned by a Master I learn to love more and more every day. When Marius and Lize-mari stopped to sit down and chat with me at an expo in Franschoek, it felt like yet another piece of the puzzle fit, no tension, no discomfort only mutual communalities.. well we just clicked.

Finally 3 November arrived on our doorstep and what a beautiful day this was at Belair Pavilion it was.

This wedding was different, filled with emotion, from cries to energetic laughter. I felt so sorry for Marius as he wept laying eyes on his bride as she walked down the aisle. Keeping our composer as we had to photograph him while he was just letting go of all that was inside of him. Personally it was certainly a very hard moment for me.

When we are privileged to attend weddings such as these and the family and guest make you feel like they enjoy having you around, it just pushes the notched to produce prima work, I can definitely say that up till today this has to be one of my ultimate weddings.

Too came to this conclusion I realised a few things played an enormous role, first a Couple that is madly in love and is not scared to express their feelings. An amazing venue, Fun and energetic guests, and my Fantastic right hand Elri Du Plesis- Thank you Elri

Last but certainly not least… I can not neglect to thank Jesus for His amazing grace that accompany me as I venture through each wedding. He is the Creator of Light, Landscapes, and the People I photograph. Without Him my career as a photographer would be devastating.


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