Warren and Lydia

Warren & Lydia |Wedding |Ou Stal @ Stellenbosch

When Saffa meets the Great Dutch! What a match, what a celebration…it changes the cards of any traditional proceedings when the garter toss get exchanged with an improvised performers by the brides overseas friends and family..see for yourself..WOW this wedding! SO much Fun I had the best birthday ever!

Their Story written by Lydia

Our life story began when during my studies in 2008 , I needed to select a country of choice to complete my six month practical.

I had a choice of numerous countries to go to but  somehow Cape Town stood out for me and I was adamant that is where I wanted to go not knowing this is going to be the place I meet my future husband.

We met  during a night out in the town and I will never forget glancing over the dancefloor and looking directly over at this guy who I had not seen before. I had a friend with me at the time and all I said to her was ‘ he is mine” . I slowly  made my way over to him and our eyes met and instantly there was a connection.

That was the evening our journey began not only two people but also the aligning of two countries, cultures and families.

Now ten years down the line we have decided to take the next step and make a lifelong commitment to one another .


Warren and Lydia Thank you for being part of who you two are, your beautiful bubbly personalities! there will always be joy amongst the two of you, if you can have fun together.


Service providers who made this wedding Possible:

Photographer and assistant: Ronel Strauss Photogrpahy and Nelia Wolfaardt- thank you Nelia for your great help.

Brides Dress: Exclusief Bruidsmode Maasbree

Make-up Artist: Blush Make up and hair

Brides Hair: Blush Make up and hair

Bridesmaid dresses: Nelly

Grooms Outfit: Euro Suite

Groomsmen outfits: Euro Suite

Wedding Car: Car Hire Classic

Videographer: Dutch Tulip productions

Caterer: Beanstalk

Décor: Beanstalk

Cake: C’est Bon

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